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Dr. Phil full episode: When Being Daddy’s Girl Goes Too Far

by Dr Phil Club

In part 1 of two episodes, Dr. Phil meets Cheryl, her ex-husband, Dave, and their youngest daughter, Stephanie, who say oldest daughter, Cassie, has been a drug addict and an alcoholic for years and needs an intervention. One source of contention is the allegation that Dave not only did drugs with Cassie but also received money from her that she admittedly earned through prostitution. Dave counters that, despite using drugs with Cassie twice, he did not encourage Cassie to be a prostitute and he gave back the money Cassie earned through prostitution. Dave contends that he is actually fighting for Cassie’s sobriety and has helped save her life by giving her a home to live in. Things take an uncertain turn when Cassie decides to leave the studio one hour before the taping and runs down Melrose Avenue to a liquor store with staffers chasing her. Will Cassie ever make it to stage to talk to Dr. Phil?


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Dr. Phil full episode: Will Cassie Keep Running or Will She Finally Meet Dr. Phil? - Watch Dr Phil full episodes online free May 2020 -

[…] In part 2, Dr. Phil finally meets 28-year-old Cassie, who admits to being a drug addict since high school and using drugs with her father, Dave, in the past. Cassie ran out of the studio one hour before taping, with staffers chasing her, to buy alcohol. So, is Cassie really ready to be sober?[Get caught up on part 1.] […]


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