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Dr. Phil full episode: “What’s Going on With Our Daughter?”

by Dr Phil Club

Vicky says she avoids interacting with her 23-year-old sister, Valerie, because she has full-blown mental breakdowns and angry outbursts almost daily. Vicky says she is extremely worried Valerie will end up on the streets if she doesn’t get help. Adam says his relationship with his daughter Valerie is nonexistent because he got tired of dealing with her threats of wanting to harm herself and others. He says Valerie threatened to jump out of his car while he was driving over 60 mph on the highway. Amy says her daughter Valerie will scream, punch holes in the walls, and hit people. She says it’s hard to be around Valerie because her daughter jumps to conclusions and randomly explodes. Valerie says no one understands how debilitating her daily struggle with anxiety is and how it makes her avoid public interaction at all costs.


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