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Dr. Phil full episode: “Stand Up for Yourself”

by Dr Phil Club

Have you ever felt like you had to walk on eggshells around someone, constantly worrying about how they would react to anything you said or did? What if you were married to that person?


Trapped at Home

Kathy and Elaine live in fear of their husbands. The men control every aspect of their lives — from how they spend their money to how they spend their time. Will these women find the strength to stand up to their controlling spouses or to escape altogether?

Controlling Every Move

Joan’s husband, James, won’t let her take a shower every day. He chooses her clothes and won’t let her out of the house alone. Find out what makes James so possessive.

Recovered Abuser?

David is a self-proclaimed former abuser. Now he wants to help his ex-wife heal the wounds he inflicted during their relationship, but she’s too afraid of him to accept any offers of help.

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