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Dr. Phil full episode: Exclusive: Man Accused of Murdering Wife Freed After Friend Confesses

by Dr Phil Club

A brutal murder: Tracey Harris, a wife and young mother, was found naked, drowned, and possibly strangled in a river in 1990. The case went cold for over 20 years, before Harris’ husband, Carl, was arrested. But right before his murder trial, somebody very close to him confessed. Today, Carl speaks out in an exclusive interview. Plus, a shocking reunion. Will Carl’s daughter forgive him after believing he murdered her mother?


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Saadia March 2020 -

I can feel his hurt through the screen, I literally am tearing up.

Tammy Patrick March 2020 -

Me too. Oh my goodness I am holding my chest, praying for God to wrap his arms around him and just hold him tight and close to his heart. This is so sad. There should be someone held accountable for ripping this family apart , they were already grieving the loss of wife and mother. Wow, just so heartbreaking. The ” “system” , clearly let them down.

Kelsie Auger March 2020 -

His emotion makes me want to cry .

Princess Chelsanator March 2020 -

I want to go to the ranch so bad

Bruce Wayne March 2020 -

Ok come on down to my ranch baby

Mary Therese McCool March 2020 -

This whole situation is heart breaking.

Jewelz March 2020 -

This is why you should never cheat

Kim T. March 2020 -

Don’t cry😭😭 im crying to now

Eljack March 2020 -

How can she take her last breath underwater?

Loraine A March 2020 -

By inhaling water. That’s how a person drowns

AbdulRehman Umar March 2020 -

I hope that the people that did this to him die alone…

Jason Blaha March 2020 -

Everyone dies alone

Danielle Blackburn March 2020 -

I love his attorney’s bow tie 🦚

LM F March 2020 -

It immediately attracted my eyes too! He has a nice suave and chic sense of style, I like it! 👍🏽 (I know that’s way off topic but worth noting…maybe lol 😆)

D Virant March 2020 -

😭😢 that poor fella and his daughter! I can’t even beyond to imagine how they feel! Just horrible!

lolc March 2020 -

The poor husband. You can tell he loved her.

Kristy Michalowsky March 2020 -

My heart just breaks for this man! I’m so sorry for your loss!


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